ID's Top 5 Of The Week

While acquisition and earnings news continue to be popular items on ID, the most-read items of late have been articles/blogs regarding factors impacting the overall industrial products market and what to expect throughout 2017.

Here's this week's Top 5

How Industrial Distributors Can Avoid the Mistakes Of Circuit City: Alex Moazed discusses why industrial distributors — regardless of size — shouldn't underestimate Amazon's impact on the market as it becomes increasingly involved in B2B supply. It's the key factor that doomed Circuit City, which was a pillar in the electronics retail market not long ago.

4 Tips For Finding Industrial Salespeople Who Can Sell Value: There's lots of talk among industrial product companies about selling value. Where and how do you find salespeople who can? The Brooks Group's Lisa Rose explains here.

A Different OSHA Under Trump: The Trump administration's stance on majorly deregulating manufacturing regulations may result in much less incident reporting by OSHA and subdued fines levied against violating companies. OSHA hasn't posted a citation/penalty news item since Jan. 18. Until then it was posting at least several items per week.

Sonepar Announces New COO, Other Executive Appointments: Effective March 1, former Sonepar North American Region President will become the company's new COO. The company also announced new appointments for management of Sonepar International Services, Asia Pacific Area and Latin Area.

Winsupply, NAW Chairman Urges "Re-Invention" Of Free Enterprise: ID contributing editor Jack Keough discusses recent comments made by NAW and Winsupply chairman Richard Schwartz regarding why there has never been a better time than now for the economic system to re-invent itself.


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