Video: How F.W. Webb Squeezed 150 Years Into 30 Seconds

Celebrating its 150th anniversary throughout 2016, F.W. Webb has released a pair of 30-second TV ads promoting the company's growth, capabilities, and history. See them here.

F.W. Webb is celebrating 150 years of service all throughout 2016.

The Bedford, MA-based company – No. 22 on Industrial Distribution's 2015 Big 50 List – distributes plumbing, heating, HVAC and refrigeration, and PVF products and services to customers throughout nine states of the northeast U.S.

With hitting 150 years, F.W. Webb has leveraged its anniversary by marketing its growth, capabilities, and history through two 30-second TV ads

"The challenge was not in coming up with great things to say about the company; it was culling down 150 years of success into a 30-second television spot," the company said about the campaign.

F.W. Webb's first ad, "Epic Rain," highlights its core residential plumbing and heating distribution business. Per the company:

"The first spot tells the true story of F.W. Webb Manager Bob Matvichuk during the Mother's Day storm and New England flood of 2006. Matvichuk was called at home on Sunday morning by a desperate plumber trying to help homeowners with flooding basements. Matvichuk had stocked extra sump pumps and other supplies when he heard the weather forecast the week before, figuring people would be looking for help on Monday if the storm materialized. When he got the call, he left his home in the torrent to open F.W. Webb's local store on that Sunday morning to deliver a sump pump to the customer immediately. Before the transaction was done dozens of trucks were lined up waiting. Matvichuk called others inside the F.W. Webb network to get additional deliveries that Sunday from Webb's Central Distribution Center and, by the end of the day, had provided more than 600 sump pumps, as the only resource in the area able to help.

F.W. Webb's second ad, "Industrial Emergency," also shows the story of how the company was able to come through in a pinch for a customer.

Per F.W. Webb:

"Industrial Emergency" finds a female F.W. Webb industrial salesperson on her way to a meeting when she gets a panicked call from a customer whose 12-inch flanged gate valve has blown and brought a steam generation plant to a standstill. The F.W. Webb employee diverts from her meeting and goes into action to find the large valve several states away at a Webb location. She coordinates with the company's Central Distribution and their fleet of trucks to pick up the needed valve and deliver it to the plant within the same day, a feat that they do routinely to help customers in emergency situations.