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Part 3 of ID's 2018 Distributor Operations Report was this week's top item, as expected, while last week's big news about Home Depot's distribution expansion plans remained well-read.

Here's this week's Top 5

ID's 2018 Survey Of Distributor Operations Report, Part 3 - Value, Employment & More: See the third and final installment of results from ID's 2018 Survey of Distributor Operations, now in its 71st year. This section examines distributors' value to their customers and suppliers, employment matters and other issues mentioned by respondents.

7 Tips For Making Trade Shows Work: Trade show season in the industrial products market doesn't ramp up until September, but that means the months between now and then are crucial planning months. Here, get tips to make trade shows worth exhibiting at, which means you need more than just a booth.

Home Depot To Spend $1.2B On 170 Distribution Facilities By 2023: We reported on this news last week, but it remained a hot item. Home Depot is planning to significantly boost its distribution network so that it can offer same-day or next-day delivery to 90 percent of the U.S., with those plans including the build-out of dozens of distribution centers and smaller operation centers.

Industrial Distribution's 2017 Big 50 List: Our annual Big 50 List is always our most-viewed content item of the year, and with the 2018 Big 50 Survey now live, last year's list is receiving its annual resurgence of traffic that will likely carry through the rest of the year.

Wolseley's Q3 U.S. Organic Sales Grew Nearly 11%: Reading, England-based Ferguson — the world's largest distributor of plumbing and heating products — reported its 2018 third quarter financial results on Tuesday for the period ended April 30, showing continued and accelerated sales gains, powered by the U.S. market.





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