Grainger, Amazon Dominate ID's Top 10 Blogs Of 2017

As we did last year, during this final week of 2017 we'd like to take a look back at the most-viewed blogs posted on Industrial Distribution over the past calendar year. As expected, Grainger was our most-viewed topic, with the MRO products giant the subject of four of the top five blogs of 2017. Likewise, discussion of Amazon and its subsidiary Amazon Business, with the e-tailer involved in five of the 10 pieces below.

Our blogs — either staff-written or contributed — aim to dive deeper into a recent piece of news, commentary, a recent market trend or beyond and discuss impacts of different factors. 

Here's ID's Top 10 blogs from 2017

Grainger CEO Details Changes To Salesforce Strategy, Pricing (March 28)

Grainger CEO Talks Industrial Economy, Branch Downsizing, Amazon (March 22)

Fastenal Set To Upend Industrial Vending Again With New PODs (Dec. 28, 2016)

Grainger Expects 80% Of Its Sales To Happen Online By 2022 (March 13)

Opinion - Gamut Shows That Grainger Is 5 Years Behind Amazon (June 7)

Infographic - How Does Amazon Business Compare With Industrial Distributors? (Aug. 1)

The Increasing Threat Of Amazon Business To Distributors (Feb. 7)

Amazon By The Numbers (Aug. 21)

Good Times Ahead For Distributors, Economy In 2017 (Feb. 24)

OSHA Unveils 2017 Top 10 Violations; Fall Protection Still Tops (Sept. 26)