Ficodis Combines Intercity Industrial, SDI Supplies

The deal aims to “solidify their presence in the Ontario marketplace.”

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THUNDER BAY, Ontario — In a collaborative effort to enhance their offerings and solidify their presence in the Ontario marketplace, Intercity Industrial Supply on Wednesday announced its successful union with SDI Supplies.

This strategic move is a testament to both parties' commitment to providing quality industrial supply services to its customers. Intercity Industrial Supply and SDI Supplies are proud members of the Ficodis Canada network, a multi-specialized industrial supply network with a robust presence across 43 locations in Canada and the Northeast U.S. Ficodis Canada is also part of the Descours & Cabaud global network of industrial supply companies.

SDI Supplies, known for its unwavering dedication to quality and dependable service, operates from multiple branches across Ontario, including Toronto, Sudbury, Ottawa, Scarborough, Cambridge, Hamilton and Windsor. This announcement aligns seamlessly with Intercity Industrial Supply's growth strategy, which focuses on expanding the scope of its supply capabilities while maintaining close proximity to customers.

"We are excited to see Intercity Industrial Supply officially join forces with SDI Supplies," said Craig Urquhart, Ontario director of the Ficodis Canada network. "This collaboration not only broadens our reach in the Ontario marketplace, it also strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers. That has always been a core value of both companies, one that our esteemed employees and colleagues continue to demonstrate every day."

Staying true to its commitment to excellence, Intercity Industrial Supply's growth strategy revolves around maintaining close connections with customer locations. This collaborative venture with SDI Supplies reinforces the company's dedication to becoming the premier supply and service provider in the region.

As part of the integration process, Intercity Industrial Supply is poised to leverage the combined expertise of both companies, offering an expanded product portfolio and an even more extensive network of service points to its valuable customers.

"We commend Intercity Industrial Supply and SDI Supplies on their strategic collaboration in Ontario. As part of the Ficodis Canada network, we celebrate their common dedication to quality and customer service," said Christophe Bévillard, president of Ficodis. "This announcement reflects a continued commitment to excellence and will undoubtedly enhance the industrial supply landscape in the region, to the benefit of all customers. We see this as a continuation of their quality service within new horizons."

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