Zep Acquires Fellow Sanitation Products Supplier EcoClear

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ATLANTA — Zep Inc, an innovator, producer and distributor of maintenance, cleaning and sanitation solutions for food & beverage, industrial & institutional, retail and vehicle care customers, has announced the acquisition of EcoClear [LLC], a deep-cleaning solution provider that specializes in sanitizing and disinfecting food processing and refrigerated facilities.

56444254 2135790813165106 440871817339469824 NAs part of the acquisition, EcoClear will be integrated into AFCO, a division of Zep and a leading specialty chemical and sanitation provider that serves the food and beverage processing industry. This combination enables EcoClear and AFCO|Zep to expand sanitation and food safety chemical and service expertise to the food & beverage customers that are served by both companies. Through this partnership, Zep is confident in the company’s capability to continue to deliver the best possible cleaning solutions with the best service to its customers.

“AFCO|Zep is honored to bring Brian Hindt and the EcoClear team into the AFCO Food & Beverage Division,” said Bob Klinetob, Senior Vice President & General Manager of AFCO. “Over the last few months during the worldwide pandemic, EcoClear’s staff and service-oriented approach have successfully provided immediate solutions in response to COVID-19 and other levels of food defense challenges. By integrating EcoClear into Zep’s portfolio, we add another level of solutions-based offerings for our valued customers.”

The acquisition underscores Zep’s growth amid the pandemic, with the introduction of five new disinfectants, hand sanitizers and soaps in response to COVID-19, and more than 15 additional solutions launching before the end of 2020. Further, Zep continues to invest in production capacity and has partnered with external stakeholders to meet unprecedented demand and customer requirements for hand sanitizers and disinfectant products.

“This is an exciting opportunity for EcoClear and I am looking forward to joining a team like AFCO|Zep, who already has an established reputation in the food and beverage industry,” said Brian Hindt, CEO of EcoClear. “AFCO|Zep’s 3-step solution of deep cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining pairs well with the EcoClear process, and together, we can help enable our customers to keep their business operations running efficiently and safely.”

Zep is a one-stop-shop option for efficacious cleaning and sanitizing solutions that prioritize the safety of the end user. The Zep Technical Services team is also available at AskTech@zep.com to help customers answer any questions about their specific needs for keeping safe during the pandemic and for reopening.

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