MRO Master Distributor Industrial Valco Acquires Beric Valves

Industrial Valco's Los Angeles headquarters location.
Industrial Valco's Los Angeles headquarters location.
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BericlogoLos Angeles-based master distributor Industrial Valco (IV), which specializes in MRO same-day distribution, has announced the purchase of Beric Valves, a Houston-based producer of cast and forged steel gate, globe, check and ball valves, for the United States and its territories.

"We are excited with the purchase of Beric Valves and adding them exclusively to our family of PVF products," said Rob Raban, president of IV. "The acquisition will further our ability to provide high-quality valves at competitive prices. The PVF marketplace continues to demand better service and value from its suppliers and this acquisition will help the company fulfill its mission to do just that."

In addition to the Beric Valve brand name, the purchase includes URL addresses, websites, social media accounts as well as trademark assignments. The Beric Valve website will continue to operate separately to help with immediate FAQs and quotes, but will be under the leadership of IV's team.

"This is a game-changer for the company," said Matt Arellano, COO of IV. "We believe that Beric's extensive and competitive product catalog coupled with IV's strength in same day, MRO distribution give us a distinct competitive advantage to share with our customers. And we'll be able to promote this advantage across all social media and online platforms." 

The purchase of Beric Valves will not change any of IV's other valve relationships, which are focused on the AML marketplace.

"IV serves both the approved and value ends of the marketplace, and we will continue to support our current vendor and manufacturing relationships," Raban said. "We believe this purchase will further enhance IV's ability to deliver value to our customers and further drive business across all product segments, including the AML valve segment."    

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