SYSPRO ERP for Distribution

Whatever distribution channels and processes you use in your business, SYSPRO provides you with the tools to process and track large volumes of orders, procure materials from your various global and local suppliers, optimize inventory and customer service levels, streamline your operations and share information stored in multiple locations. SYSPRO fosters informed decision-making, thereby helping you to meet the challenges of supply chain management and synchronization in a dynamic and complex global environment. Download this white paper to learn more.

SYSPRO Distribution SYSPRO ERP for SYSPRO is an internationally-recognized, leading provider of enterprise business solutions. Formed in 1978, SYSPRO was one of the first software vendors to develop an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Today, SYSPRO is a global company represented on six continents and by more than 1600 channel and support partners. Fifteen thousand licensed companies across a broad spectrum of industries in over 60 countries trust SYSPRO as the platform on which to manage their business processes. Customer focus is a core component of SYSPRO’s corporate culture and one of the key reasons for SYSPRO’s strong leadership position in the enterprise application market. By focusing on people and building lasting relationships with customers and partners, SYSPRO consistently excels at guiding customers through all aspects of their adoption and ongoing usage. The aim is to deliver world-class solutions that give customers the control, insight and agility they need for a competitive advantage in a global economy. As such, SYSPRO provides a unique combination of robust, scalable technologies that ensure minimal risk and a high return on investment. SYSPRO continually develops remarkable software that simplifies operational effectiveness and keeps customers in control of their businesses. Our vision is focused on meeting customer needs today and in the future. The most integrated, uncomplicated and effortless business software solution for small and medium enterprises About SYSPRO 01 n Collaborating electronically with customers and suppliers n Managing traceability of merchandise n Analyzing sales and reaching optimal pricing n Reducing inventory replenishment errors n Improving inventory turnover and minimizing costs and obsolescence n Managing goods in transit n Controlling diverse inventories across multiple locations n Managing charge-backs, returned merchandise and multiple currencies Whatever distribution channels and processes you use in your business, SYSPRO provides you with the tools to process and track large volumes of orders, procure materials from your various global and local suppliers, optimize inventory and customer service levels, streamline your opera- tions and share information stored in multiple locations. SYSPRO fosters informed decision-making, thereby helping you to meet the challenges of supply chain management and synchronization in a dynamic and complex global environment. SYSPRO for Distribution SYSPRO addresses a number of key distribution challenges: SYSPRO is also engineered to improve electronic collaboration with customers and external partners up and down your supply chain while ensuring full data security. 02 SYSPRO ERP for Distribution M a rk e tin g Pu ta w a y W a re ho us e T ra ns fe rs Pi ck & P a ck Pl a n D e liv e r Fi na nc ia l M a na g e m e nt A c c o u n ts R e c e iv a b le , A c c o u n ts P a ya b le , C a sh B o o k, G e n e ra l L e d g e r, A ss e ts R e g ist e r D is tr ib ut io n C ha in SY SP RO in th e A fte r S a le s Se rv ic e W a re ho us e M a na g e m e nt Pro cu re Ord er C o n ta c t M a n a g e m e n t Sy st e m ( C M S) C o n ta c t R e la tio n sh ip M a n a g e m e n t (C R M ) Q u o ta tio n s Sa le s O rd e rs Fo re c a st in g R e q u ire m e n ts P la n n in g P u rc h a se O rd e rs In ve n to ry M a n a g e m e n t Su p p ly C h a in T ra n sf e r G o o d s In T ra n sit Lo a d P la n n in g R e tu rn e d M e rc h a n d ise R e tu rn T o V e n d o r C M S / C R M 03 SYSPRO ERP for Distribution Electronic Collaboration with Customers and Suppliers n Secure and streamlined electronic data exchange n Automated 24/7 order placement and acknowledgement n Paperless invoicing and custom-designed reports The system has enabled us to streamline processes, such as the automatic issuing of invoices. In addition, it gives us far superior inventory control of both stock and custom springs. We can even handle blanket orders and ship them over time to accommodate customers’ schedules. The system enables us to be more flexible in meeting the needs of our customers... and isn’t this what customer service is all about? - Mike Gisonda, MIS Manager, Lee Spring, USA Quick response times and accuracy in fulfilling orders are critical to your reputation. Your customers and suppliers may require increasingly closer col- laboration to cut production timetables and mini- mize disruption to their supply chains. This could in- volve using their electronic order and supply chain systems to streamline operations. SYSPRO enables you to automate and streamline order-to-delivery processes and provides complete visibility of an integrated picture of your operations. SYSPRO’s Internet and XML-based technologies facilitate electronic collaboration with your trading partners, enabling you to share, process and de- liver information securely and efficiently within an extended global supply chain. SYSPRO provides customers with access to informa- tion, order visibility, online self-service and greater communications. Meanwhile, your internal SYSPRO users can take advantage of web-based purchase orders, production schedules and electronic pro- curement using supplier catalogues. Eliminate the re-keying of data by electronical- ly transferring documents like sales orders and statements directly into SYSPRO. Each incom- ing document can trigger actions within your business such as automatic email notifications to alert you to the status of orders, debtors and much more. User-defined document formatting alleviates the need for pre-printed stationery. SYSPRO also integrates with other applications such as shipping companies’ tracking systems, allowing you to determine the shipping status of customer orders. 04 SYSPRO ERP for Distribution Manage Traceability of Merchandise n Trace products from material origins to final destination n Backward and forward traceability n Full visibility across multiple physical and virtual locations As soon as we installed SYSPRO, we had instant visibility of the entire operation and we became more efficient over- night - everything was there, in real time. We had information from our supplier base that we never had before in a timely and accurate manner - the number and value of shipments, average turn round times, the number of rejects and so on - and we had information available at our fingertips on location, quantity and aging of raw materials and finished goods. In fact inventory accuracy was increased from 92% to 99% - that makes a massive difference.” - Stella Gavin, IT Manager, Nelipak,UK Whether a compliance-critical requirement, or an analysis tool for continuous improvement strategies, the traceability of products from material origins through manufacture to final destination is a key distribution system requirement in many industries. SYSPRO facilitates the recording of traceability and quality data on materials and products from purchasing through to inspection, manufacturing, manufacturing inspection, stocking and sales. The recording of expiry and shelf-life information is also facilitated and powerful queries enable both up- ward and downward searches by stock code, lot number and transaction type. SYSPRO’s Lot Traceability and Serial Tracking func- tionality afford full visibility to the origins, build and customer destination of products and batches, thereby providing the means to rapidly trace and analyze the source of defects should they occur. In addition, SYSPRO’s Engineering Change Con- trol module enables complete management and traceability of changes to product designs, while the Return Merchandise Authority feature provides consistent handling of product returns, as well as analysis data for improvement programs. In addition to SYSPRO’s powerful traceability fea- tures, the system provides inventory management and visibility across multiple physical and virtual locations, as well as detailed tracking of purchase orders, sales orders, works orders, inter-warehouse transfers and available-to-promise quantities and dates. SYSPRO Solutions enables integration with scanning and RFID systems, to reduce process- ing time as well as processing lags and errors as material moves through the different processes. 05 Sales Analysis and Optimal Pricing n Powerful sales query and reporting n Seamless integration into General Ledger (GL) n Comprehensive market trends analysis and forecasting SYSPRO’s powerful sales analysis improves the effectiveness of your sales strategy by identifying your most profitable customers, determining which products are selling, and calculating the profit generated by each product. Quickly analyze market trends and geographic buying patterns, then instantly display sales perfor- mance for presentation and reports with business graphics. Strengthen your sales by identifying which sales people are performing and which business divisions are selling. Improve your sales forecasting and measure actual performance against quantity and revenue forecasts. Use product profitability analysis to inform your pricing strategy, whether it is cost-based, perfor- mance-based, market-based, or a mix. SYSPRO’s costing functionality makes it easy to derive accurate and competitive pricing for commodities or customizable products, and what-if costing fea- tures facilitate modeling and cost-effective com- parisons for alternative inputs. Pricing SYSPRO makes it easy to build pricing strategies that accommodate a wide variety of wholesale and retail customers. Easily set multiple pricing levels for different customer groups with local and foreign pricing techniques with simple, extended and con- tract pricing mechanisms for maximum flexibility. The Trade Promotions Management module provides extensive product promotion and pricing flexibility, facilitating dealings with large retailers. For optimal efficiency, define rules governing pric- ing, rebates and tracking with comprehensive pro- motion features. Streamline sales order entry and electronic capture with pricing automation based on customer and/or stock code matrices, then use SYSPRO’s powerful accruals and deductions man- agement functionality to provide fast, accurate invoicing and reconciliation. We import the orders/forecast into SYSPRO, schedule jobs for the production floor, order raw materials and track raw material inven- tory, receive inventory, and of course do sales orders. We also use it for all of our accounting functions - Kristin Brown, Customer Service and Planning Manager, Pharma Tech, USA SYSPRO ERP for Distribution 06 SYSPRO ERP for Distribution Reduce Inventory Replenishment Errors n Implement LEAN inventory management n Advanced trial kitting and replenishment planning n Minimize forecast errors to increase profitability Implement LEAN principles and minimize errors by synchronizing supply with customer demand. Particularly useful for component and material suppliers of original equipment manufacturers, SYSPRO’s Inventory Optimization system enables the configuration and automated monitoring of KPIs and facilitates the balancing of inventory investment and services. Use available-to-promise and various time fence indicators to manage contract planning, then analyze risk, lead times, supplier performance and more. Standard reports like Inventory Exception and MRP Potential Oversupplies clarify your inventory position and highlight potential problems. A comprehensive Material Requirements Planning module enables you to reduce excess and obso- lete inventories through clear visibility of current and future supply and demand. You can also increase future profitability and mini- mize inventory forecast errors with the Forecasting module, which enables manual forecast entry as well as automatic forecast generation through a variety of algorithms. Account for trends, seasonal- ity and cyclical events at code, revision, release or warehouse level. We receive many phone calls from customers from all over Canada, on average about a thousand calls a day. When one of our customer service representatives takes a sales call, he can see immediately if the inventory requested is available. Once the order has been entered, the picking slip is printed in the warehouse, the goods are packaged and the courier is electronically notified.” - Rodney Suliteanu, Founding Partner, Western Optical, Canada 07 www.syspro.com08 SYSPRO helps you optimize, manage and track your inventories through its multi-warehouse Inventory, Material Requirements Planning, Purchase Order and Work in Progress modules. SYSPRO’s Inventory Management suite reduces inventory, obsolescent stocks and lead time to cus- tomers through accurate obsolescence provision- ing, product rationalization programs and targeted promotions on slow-moving and end-of-life stocks. Easily reduce forecast error, manage seasonality and meet customer service targets with graphical output and decision-making aids. SYSPRO’s powerful Pareto analysis and forecast- ing tools enhance decision-making with master information including order policies, lead times, safety stock, and replenishment planning. Exten- sive costing features accurately handle order ac- tivities, while Advanced Trial Kitting allows you to run user-selected criteria to automatically raise and link relevant supply orders. “Being able to take orders, get them pushed into the warehouse and sent out to our customers on a timely basis, is crucial to the success of our business. In addition, as an importer/ distributor, we have to be able to keep accurate track of our inventory. Personally, I’ve seen and worked on many ERP systems. In my opinion, Swissmar made an excellent decision in choosing SYSPRO.” - Ron Campitelli, IT Manager, Swissmar Imports, Canada Improve Inventory Turnover and Minimize Costs and Obsolescence n Optimize inventory and minimize excess stock n Powerful Pareto analysis and forecasting n Efficient factory scheduling with automation and JIT principles SYSPRO ERP for Distribution SYSPRO ERP for Distribution 09 Manage Goods in Transit n Track items from the source to current locations n Identify all cost elements associated with the movement of goods n Full traceability of goods at a transactional level SYSPRO’s Goods in Transit system gives you com- prehensive quantity, variance and cost control over inter-warehouse transfers while providing input into SYSPRO’s Material Requirements Planning module. SYSPRO’s Material Requirements Planning as well as Inventory Management solutions facilitate efficient planning and tracking of warehouse-specific costs, order policies, back orders and inter-warehouse lead times. Identify all cost elements associated with the movement of goods and improve efficiency with detailed control, reconciliation and balancing of inter-warehouse transfers. Integrate with SYSPRO’s General Ledger through a detailed financial sub- ledger feature that makes it easy to track and man- age transactions. SYSPRO provides full traceability at a transaction- al level for quality standard performance. Perfect for industries such as electronics, aeronautics, de- fense, food, pharmaceutical, motor vehicles and building, this feature records material movement from raw materials to final products and integrates with other SYSPRO modules for full upward and downward traceability. Custom forms give you the freedom to define your own fields for the capture of details such as hazardous goods information, enabling you to include these in your queries, reports and transac- tion documentation. Before we implemented the warehouse transfer capabilities within SYSPRO, it took three people and a meandering paper trail to process a request from a branch. With SYSPRO, the branch enters the order directly into the system, from any location, and it prints at our order desk here in Burnaby. We ship it and when it is received at the other end the order is confirmed -- it’s that simple. This facility alone has saved us at least four days of work a month. - Rose Baldo, a principal, Julian Ceramic Tile, Canada Control Diverse Inventories across Multiple Locations n Share information stored in multiple locations n Sophisticated placement and picking procedures n Efficient product recalls SYSPRO provides a real-time integrated view of diverse product lines in a single or multi-warehouse environment, allowing you to manage large inven- tories and to plan and execute sophisticated ware- house replenishment and order fulfillment require- ments. Whether you stock, sell, purchase or manufacture items by unit, weight, volume, pack or container size, SYSPRO’s multiple units of measure per stock item give you the flexibility to accurately record and track stock quantities. SYSPRO facilitates the crea- tion of warehouses and bin locations to represent both physical and virtual stock locations. Product version control is automated through the Engineering Change Control module, while exten- sive master data enable you to define parameters for transacting in sales, purchasing and manufac- turing. Prepac promises shipment within 24 hours, and we promise to have the item in stock. To live up to our agreements, we have to be constantly evaluating our stock and our production. SYSPRO allows us to do that. - Michelle MacKinnnon, Controller, Prepac, Canada Manage customer order fulfillment with sophisticat- ed sales order picking and dispatch features. The Blanket Sales Order module facilitates easy call- off schedule updates for OEM clients and provides comprehensive OEM contract reconciliation fea- tures. The stock code interchange feature also al- lows customers to place orders using their own part numbers. SYSPRO’s integrated nature and powerful report- ing and query facilities give you visibility of detailed stock statuses and transaction history, while per- petual inventory costing provides at-a-glance val- uation of stock holdings by warehouse and stock code. Create alerts and events that are automatically fired when inventory exceptions, such as ‘below minimum,’ occur, and use serial tracking and lot traceability to manage product recalls and more. SYSPRO ERP for Distribution 10 SYSPRO ERP for Distribution Chargebacks SYSPRO efficiently controls the return and exchange of items bought from suppliers, ensuring visibility and tracking of items until the transaction is concluded. SYSPRO provides complete visibility of returned inventory and retains an unlimited history of ‘Return to Vendor’ (RTV) transactions. It offers a comprehen- sive tracking functionality that monitors outstand- ing returned items and tracks costs of items not re- placed by the vendor, substituting credit notes and replacement items in eligible situations. Returned Merchandise The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module seamlessly manages the return or ex- change of items sold to customers, ensuring vis- ibility and tracking of the items until the trans- action is concluded. SYSPRO provides flexible options for many types of returns, including gen- eral returns, incorrect orders, incorrect shipments, defective credit, and defective in- and out-of- warranty items. SYSPRO improves customer service through in- stant on-screen access to all RMA information and retains an unlimited history of RMAs. There is virtually no limit on transaction volumes, and the module gives complete visibility of returned inventory. Improve future transaction planning by identifying recurring problems in various areas of order processing and avoid costly mistakes by automatically calculating return charges and inventory action options. Manage Multiple Currencies and Exchange Rates SYSPRO allows you to process and view all trans- actions in both local and foreign currencies throughout its system. Exchange rates can be fixed or established at the time of transaction processing, and the General Ledger system al- lows for up to 10 alternate reporting currencies. The criteria called for a solution with strong sales and distribution functionality, and import costing was critical. The solution also had to show a good upgrade path, ease of use and we wanted best fit for our business without customization. We are manufacturers - not IT people - and wanted to focus on the core business. - Ian Phillips, General Manager, Phillips & Smith, Australia Managing Charge-backs, Returned Merchandise and Multiple Currencies 11 n Easily manage return items and chargebacks n Improve customer service with improved tracking and history n Use up to 10 alternate foreign exchange currencies SYSPRO Distribution Solutions n Inventory Management including: n Optimization n Forecasting n Families and Groupings n Requirements Planning n Lot Traceability n Purchasing: n Purchase Orders n Requisitions n Landed Cost Tracking n Quotations n Sales Orders n Point of Sale n Trade Promotions n Return Merchandise n SYSPRO Integration Framework Solutions Key Features and Functions n Forecasting n Multi-site warehouses n Available-to-promise n Replenishment rules by warehouse n Distribution requirements planning n Goods in transit n Supply chain transfers n Inventory management (materials and finished product) n Stock code interchange for suppliers and customers n Multiple bins n Safety stock n Lead time n Approved manufacturers n Multimedia n Custom forms n Pricing n Discounts and rebates n Multiple dispatching n Load planning n Serial tracking n Integration between sales, purchasing and work in progress n Multiple currencies SYSPRO ERP for Distribution 12 We mainly use the distribution functionality with a little bit of manufacturing. Scheduling is particularly strong. It allows us to keep track of orders and ship dates. We can sequence orders according to their importance. It gives the warehouse a complete visual of our day-to-day work. - Joe Sanfilippo, Logistics Manager, A-dec, Australia Technology Evaluation Certification n Discrete Manufacturing n Mixed Mode Manufacturing n Process Manufacturing The TEC certification symbol is a recognized in- dicator that you have satisfactorily completed the TEC request for information (RFI), and dem- onstrated your solution’s ability to address real- world business processes. 13 V02 Copyright © 2014 SYSPRO. All rights reserved. All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording,or by any information storage or retrievel system, without prior written permission from the publisher. 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