Amazon Sues Longtime Exec Who Defected To Target

Longtime Amazon executive Arthur Valdez was set to take over supply chain operations at Target, but Amazon claims a non-compete that Valdez signed in 2012 prevents him from doing so. alleges in a lawsuit that a former operations executive violated a non-compete clause by taking a top position with Target earlier this month.

According to reports, the Seattle e-retailer sued Arthur Valdez in Washington state court and said that the agreement he signed in 2012 prevents him from working for a competitor for 18 months after leaving the company.

Amazon also argued that Valdez was aware of its proprietary logistics information and already shared trade secrets with his new employer during the interview process.

Valdez worked for Amazon for 16 years and served as vice president of operations at the time of his departure. Target hired him to oversee the retailer's supply chain overhaul.

Minneapolis-based Target — the nation's sixth-largest retailer — responded that the company took steps to ensure the confidentiality of proprietary information.