Lightweight RARH Double-Acting Hollow Plunger Cylinders

Enerpac's new RARH series of hydraulic cylinders are designed for challenging projects in construction, manufacturing, mining and offshore industries.

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MENOMONEE FALLS, WI — Enerpac hydraulic cylinders are used for lifting projects across a wide range of industries – including construction, manufacture, mining and offshore industries. Each project presents different challenges and no single cylinder can suit every job. Many projects require a high level of control and the positioning of cylinders in hard-to-reach areas. The new Enerpac RARH series of cylinders are designed for these challenging projects.

Portability and convenience

Rarh6010 Rarh306 1234The RARH Cylinders include tough aluminum construction which provides a lower weight solution as compared with steel cylinders. Performance and durability are not compromised by their reduced weight—with each cylinder meeting ASME B30.1 standard and incorporating a built-in safety valve to prevent over-pressurization. Getting the cylinders into position and into smaller spaces is assisted by the integral handles on each model and their lower collapsed height.

Double-acting for more control

The RARH cylinders are double-acting, which means heavy loads can be lifted and lowered with precise control. A double-acting cylinder outputs force both in and out, creating a higher control level for the retraction that is more reliable, faster, and easier to control than a spring return system. The cylinder can be retracted more efficiently than equivalent single acting types which use a spring return.

Features and benefits include:

  • Lighter and shorter collapsed height than equivalent RACH single-acting models
  • Double-acting for rapid retraction, regardless of hose lengths or system losses
  • Built-in safety valve prevents accidental over-pressurization
  • Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces
  • Composite bearings increase cylinder life and side load resistance
  • Hard coat finish on all surfaces resists damage and extends cylinder life
  • Handles included on all models
  • Floating center tube increases seal life
  • Steel baseplate and saddle for protection against load-induced damage
  • Integral stop ring prevents plunger over-travel and can withstand the full cylinder capacity
  • Optional internally threaded saddles allow threaded bar to be attached directly inside the plunger
  • CR400 couplers and dust caps included on all models
  • All cylinders meet ASME B-30.1 standard

Available now are 30 and 60 tonnage cylinders (each available with a stroke choice of 50, 150, and 250mm [1.97, 5.91 and 9.84 inches]) with more models coming soon.