Corporate Profile: Athea Laboratories

For nearly 50 years, Athea® has manufactured and private labeled the highest-quality and performance industrial chemicals and wet wipes. After 35 years of producing specialty chemicals, Athea began manufacturing wet wipes, and is now a vertically-integrated converter and manufacturer of canister, refill roll, flexible flow pack, and single pack wipes. A family-owned company, Athea is now in its second generation of leadership.

Today, Athea manufactures nearly 400 products including wet wipes, specialty chemicals, aerosols, and powders, marketed under the Total Solutions® label, and all available for private label. All of Athea's products are backed by truly renowned customer service. The company carries nearly two dozen varieties of Wet Wipes. In addition to products for Grounds Maintenance such as herbicides and fertilizers, Athea also carries Bacterial/Enzyme Digestants, as well as Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers, Insecticides, Winter Products, and more. The Athea Packaging division brings focused innovations to the contract packaging and OEM markets.

The company offers private labeling, contract packaging, and custom formulation. Nearly all non-private label products ship within three days, and can be drop-shipped to almost any location. Chemical products are available in .5oz bottles to totes and wipes are available in single-size packets and pocket-size canisters to high-count refills for center-pull dispensers.

Athea features some of the highest-quality and highest-performance products available for the best results. Their unique and high-performance products create strong partnerships and revenue streams for distributor partners. The company also features low minimums for private labeling and contract packaging, which helps customers compete in the marketplace with reduced inventory and costs, while still having the unique brand exposure that private labeling offers.

Athea specializes in servicing the manufacturing and industry sectors, as well as MRO and OEM distribution channels. Distributors who are not currently selling chemicals and wet wipes - either because the choices are too varied or the prices too steep - could have a new private label revenue stream working for them when they work with Athea. Athea’s private label program creates customer loyalty for distributors.

Phone: 800-743-6417