4 Marketing Ideas For Industrial Distributors

While some teams will assume that digital marketing is more expensive than traditional marketing, that is no longer true.

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Now more than ever, industrial distributors are looking for digital connections, information, and experiences as they choose which companies to work with. Strong digital marketing ideas for distributors help bring in previously unreached customers while increasing profits at the same time.

Marketing ideas for industrial distributors must assist in helping your business reach other businesses in a practical, budget-friendly way. While some teams will assume that digital marketing is more expensive than traditional marketing, that is no longer true.

Bringing potential customers into your digital space and then converting their interest into sales and leads is the solution that many stuck industrial distributors seek. Find out where to invest in marketing and start seeing ROIs soon after. 

#1: Implement Effective Online Catalogs

Integrating digital catalogs into an online sales database allows search engines and customers to browse the catalog freely, bringing in additional leads and sales. Plus, incorporating your inventory and catalog into a larger system can be beneficial for your business.

The idea is that your online catalog should provide vital technical information, valuable data, and easy-to-access files for all sides. Setting up a catalog that incorporates these needs can be expensive, but the cost is well worth it as that is the information that customers want most.

Some distributors use print catalogs as this has been the standard in the industry, but that standard has changed. A digital catalog hosted on a distributor website has many practical advantages over physical copies. Not only can these catalogs be updated at any time as needed, but they can also help customers purchase things with fewer overhead costs on your side.

Many distributors encounter hiccups when receiving product information from suppliers. Working to ensure that your supplier–distributor flow includes the sharing of complete and thorough information will be an essential part of this process.

#2: Market Your Knowledge

One of the best ways to convert leads and secure sales is to build up the trust that existing and potential customers have in your company. An effective method of doing this is to ensure that you are marketing your knowledge.

This means using email marketing to reach your top customers for feedback, setting potential customers up with valuable resources, and helping people at any stage of your sales funnel to get the solutions they need.

Ask For Reviews

Testimonials are a huge part of marketing. Just as word-of-mouth marketing is a successful, traditional marketing method, digital reviews and ratings show how reliable your company is. Reach out to your satisfied customers and ask for a review that you can publish on the website. Customers who you have good relationships with will be happy to share their experience, and this experience will reflect positively on your business. 

Create And Share Valuable Resources

Blogs, guides, and similar online content help customers find the solutions and products they are looking for. When you provide this type of valuable outreach on your site, potential and existing customers alike will be more engaged with your product lines. Additionally, brand-new customers may find their way to your site through high-ranking pages.

Once you have customers in your system, set up automatic email marketing such as reorder reminder emails, eBooks to accompany their recent purchases, and general updates from top supplier lines they frequently purchase.

Showing that you understand who your customer is and that you want them to find success through your emails and content sharing builds brand loyalty and improves revenue for small businesses.

#3: Create Easy Contact Channels

This tip is simple but incredibly effective. Make sure that it is as easy as possible for any potential and existing customers to reach you.

Take a look at your website as it is currently formatted, and ask yourself these questions:

  • How many clicks does it take for a customer to be able to call or email you?
  • Is your quote form simple or confusing to complete?
  • Is the path to reach customer service intuitive or convoluted?
  • Can customers find your social media channels?

Going a step further and asking those who are unfamiliar with your website to answer these questions after browsing can help you get an idea of what a new customer first sees on your site.

The idea is to ensure that a straightforward path exists for anyone who wants to get in touch with your business. Leads are hard to generate when interested parties cannot reach you, so prepare an avenue for them to follow.

#4: COVID-19 Adjusted Marketing Strategies

Every business owner and marketing team member knows that COVID-19 has caused ripple effects in supply chains and how industrial distributors everywhere are working. The impact of the global pandemic has been felt around the world, and there are some ways that marketing may help mitigate that impact.

Communicate With Your Customers

If your business is affected by pandemic-related issues, make sure to communicate those impacts clearly to your customers. While they may still be frustrated by unforeseen delays, they will be more understanding if problems are expressed in a clear, timely manner.

Taking action to adjust your standard business practices due to the ongoing pandemic may be necessary, so be sure to communicate those changes to your customers as well. 

Update Resources As Needed

Have any of your resources become out-of-date due to changes caused by COVID-19? It can be hard to track all of the places where slight changes need to be made. Adding a simple header to your website that links to your COVID-19 policy-related changes can ensure that your operations and customer interactions continue to move smoothly and without any misunderstandings.

Learn The Latest Marketing Ideas For Distributors

Net PlusKeeping up with current, effective marketing ideas for industrial distributors is a time-consuming process.

With a membership in a knowledge buying group like NetPlus Alliance, information about the latest trends, customer expectations, and supplier guidance is easily accessible. From sharing knowledge among distributors to getting the latest intel from market reports, buying groups help distributors make the most of their business every day.

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