If We Are Always Selling, Let's Do It Better

If we are always selling, how can we do it better? Here are some suggestions from Mike Sawchuk, president of Sawchuk Consulting.

Many people say they would never want to be in sales, But in one way or another, we are always selling. According to Scott Edinger, author of The Hidden Leader, selling is nothing more than "moving somebody else into action."

He adds, “if you look at things you do over the course of your day, almost all of your interactions involve some form of selling.”

So, if we are always selling, how can we do it better? 

Here are some suggestions from Mike Sawchuk, president of Sawchuk Consulting:

Reflect on What Selling Is

Selling is all about helping the customer. Selling gives you the opportunity to do this.

Be Empathetic

Customers buy for different reasons, among them are: to solve a problem; address a personal need; lower costs; reduce risk; improve cleaning levels (if a cleaning product); help solve an end-customers needs.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the true motivation. "Be empathetic and listen carefully. This will win them over [and help you] determine which product you’re selling to best meet their needs."

Role Play

Selling typically involves crafting a sales pitch. "The problem many novice salespeople make is not running it by someone more experienced first. You might think a sales pitch works, but to someone else, it comes across flat, flawed or self-serving."

Chill Out

If you're nervous when making a sales call, you're going to make the customer nervous too. Relax your facial expressions. Loosen up, walk slowly; talk to yourself out loud and make sure your voice is not too loud, too soft, or too high. This can happen when we get nervous.

Check Your Ego at the Door

Some salespeople walk into a sales call with their interests most in mind. It must be the opposite. You are making the call to help the customer. "And never beg for the sale," adds Sawchuk. "That's your ego at work, and begging rarely works."

Keep Moving Forward

Successful salespeople fail many times during their careers. What separates the winners from the losers, "is if you have the courage and stamina to pick yourself up, keep learning, and keep moving forward. That's what makes a successful salesperson."

Mike Sawchuk is president of Sawchuk Consulting.

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