Stritt & Priebe Acquires V.J. Stanley

Stritt & Priebe has committed to a new 40,000 square foot facility in Rochester, NY to house both the new V.J. Stanley and Stritt & Priebe’s new branch.

V.J. Stanley, Inc., a Rochester, NY Manufacturers’ Representative and Master Distributor of hydronics and domestic hot water & steam systems since 1951, has been acquired by Buffalo’s Stritt & Priebe, Inc.
An important business partner of Stanley for years, Stritt & Priebe, who sells industrial pipe, valves & fittings, is also a National Board Certified Facility for the Assembly and Repair of Safety Valves. Other unique Stritt & Priebe skills include the repair of conventional and control valves in either their shop or In-line at the customer’s facility.
“We are thrilled to be able to keep V.J. Stanley as a formidable company in the Upstate New York area,” says Owner/partner Joel Scott. “We were able to retain all the valuable Stanley employees and we have begun hiring additional key people.”
Owner/partner Bill Victor adds, “We are also excited to announce that we have committed to a new 40,000 sq/ft facility within the city to house both the new VJ Stanley and Stritt & Priebe’s new Rochester branch.” VJ Stanley products will also be available at Stritt & Priebe’s Buffalo location.
Scott and business partner Bill Victor bought the family-owned Stritt & Priebe in 2007 from Edgar Priebe. They had both worked there for over 35 years combined. Since their purchase, company sales and territory have more than doubled.
“Our mission,” explains Victor, “is to form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships by utilizing our knowledge, unique talents and cooperative attitudes to serve our customers with regard to quality, service and price. The addition of V.J. Stanley fits right into that mission, with their values of quality products and services, knowledgeable experts and competitive pricing.”
Former VJ Stanley president John Ruffner states, “I have never seen the likes of the synergy that exists between these two companies. The end result is fantastic. It will be great going forward under the new ownership.”
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