Corporate Profile: QA1 Precision Products, Inc.

Founded in 1993, QA1 Precision Products, Inc. quickly became the #1 name in rod ends, spherical bearings, custom linkages and assemblies, and related products. With its start in rod ends and spherical bearings, QA1 built its foundation on quality and affordability being the number one priority. Over the years, QA1 also became a leader in manufacturing shock absorbers and struts for the motorsports industry, along with several industrial applications.

QA1’s CEO, Jim Jordan, has been working in the industrial market for more than 40 years. He brought a wealth of knowledge on rod ends and spherical bearings when he founded QA1. His innovation has lead QA1 to be a groundbreaking company in both the industrial and motorsports markets.

With a wealth of engineering and manufacturing expertise on staff, coupled with international manufacturing alliances, QA1 is uniquely positioned to partner with its customers in order to provide timely delivery of quality products at very competitive market prices.

QA1 Product Offerings

With over 6,500 SKUs, QA1 has a deep and broad selection of rod ends and spherical bearings from which to choose. QA1 is also a global provider of shock absorbers, suspension components, ball joints, clevises, rod eyes, jam nuts, spacers and more, maintaining substantial inventory levels for immediate delivery and a firm commitment to quality.

QA1 rod ends and spherical bearings are available in a variety of sizes, materials and styles; including Loaded Slot, 3-Piece, 2-Piece and Injection Molded series. With over 1,000,000 units sold annually, QA1 has the largest selection in the industry, economical prices, unmatched quality and a huge inventory with over 99% same day shipments. Custom sizes and materials are also available upon request.

QA1 also manufactures a wide variety of dampers and struts for the motorsports, commercial and industrial OE markets. Applications include exercise equipment, commercial lawn and garden, neighborhood electric vehicles, commercial utility vehicles, and a wide variety of industrial applications. Available with various stroke lengths, steel or aluminum and in a variety of valving combinations, including adjustable styles (rebound adjustable, simultaneous compression and rebound adjustable, and individual compression and rebound adjustable), QA1’s struts and dampers have all the features you’re looking for. Custom valvings, styles and sizes are also available. This extensive product offering enables QA1's customers the ability to select the ideal product for their specific need.

A Focus on Quality

With a focus on offering affordable products while still maintaining the highest quality, QA1 has been able to achieve prominence in the OEM contract manufacturing business.  Training and education of its entire support staff reinforce the commitment that QA1 makes to providing unsurpassed customer service. QA1's quality system is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

QA1 continues to evolve its business in order to better service the increasingly diverse needs of its customers. With a wide-ranging product line, the ability to meet custom requirements, and economical prices, QA1 constantly focuses on exceeding its customers' expectations. With the most experience in the industry, QA1 is the place to find the quality rod ends, spherical bearings and other linkages you’re looking for.