Video: See Texas A&M's Industrial Distribution Undergraduate Program

Hear from students and faculty of the undergraduate industrial distribution program at Texas A&M University, the largest such program in the U.S.

The undergraduate IDIS program at Texas A&M University is a business, technically oriented major that prepares students for a fascinating career path that combines technical knowledge, engineering know-how, business savvy, great communication skills and leadership. The day-to-day challenges faced by the industrial distributor, the manufacturer or the manufacturer's representative require a high degree of professionalism with business and technical talent.

To fulfill this demand, the curriculum includes study in applied engineering, business, communications, global logistics, informational technology, leadership, and human relations. This knowledge prepares graduates to develop effective relationships with executives, managers, engineers, scientists and craftsmen and positions the graduates to be a resource in areas like manufacturing, plant maintenance or construction operations. The industrial distribution graduate is able to apply specialized knowledge of operations, business, and product knowledge in order to provide system solutions. Essentially the industrial distribution graduate becomes an integral part of the customer's team โ€” a challenging and rewarding profession.

The industrial distribution program at Texas A&M is one of the most established and largest (in terms of student enrollment and faculty size) programs in the country, and is revered as the number-one-ranked ID program by industry and academia throughout North America. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Distribution, which has the highest placement rate of any degree program on campus.

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