ISA Emerging Leaders Channel Certification Program Opens Enrollment for Second Cohort

The first cohort is already at full capacity.

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The Industrial Supply Association announced the overwhelming success of the opening enrollment for the 2024 Emerging Leaders Channel Certification (ELCC) program.

The first cohort for 2024 is already at full capacity, reflecting the enthusiastic response from industry professionals and companies eager to invest in the development of their rising leaders.

The ELCC program, designed to cultivate and empower the next generation of industrial leaders, has gained traction not only among individual professionals but also among industry-leading companies. ISA has experienced a surge in enrollment from organizations recognizing the immense value in nurturing their young talent through this dynamic and comprehensive initiative.

Rob Keenan, chair of ISA’s board of directors and president at Seco Tools, shared his perspective on the program:

“As an industry leader, I see the incredible potential in investing in our young leaders through the ELCC program. It goes beyond just skill development and network building; it’s about fostering a culture of growth and opportunity within our organizations. Witnessing how this program brings together so many young and enthusiastic professionals is inspiring. It’s a clear sign that our industry’s future is brimming with potential, and a testament to ISA’s dedication to developing the next generation of leaders.”

The ELCC program offers a multi-layered curriculum, combining virtual courses, in-person leadership development events, and collaborative meetups. It is crafted to strengthen core skills, deepen insights into channel dynamics, and foster strategic “big picture” thinking. The hands-on approach ensures participants not only gain knowledge but also build a powerful network for success.

ISA recognizes the importance of creating a program that aligns with the evolving needs of the industry. The second cohort for the 2024 ELCC program is now open for enrollment. Interested professionals and companies are encouraged to secure their spots promptly, as enrollment is limited to maintain an intimate learning experience.

For more details and to enroll, visit

Additionally, at the upcoming ISA24 convention, an ELCC booth will be available. Interested individuals can stop by to talk with current program participants to learn more.

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