Trucking Jobs Down In May As Warehouse Employment Rises

In May, truck transportation employment fell by 2,400 jobs from April while warehouse jobs added 3,000, a pattern that's expected to continue to exacerbate the country's ongoing trucker shortage.

Trucking jobs fell last month as warehouse positions increased, a pattern that's likely to exacerbate the country’s ongoing shortage of truckers.

Truck transportation employment fell by 2,400 jobs last month compared to April, according to the latest monthly estimates by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Trucking jobs had edged up slightly in March, but overall, those positions were off by 4,600 since February.

The Wall Street Journal reported that excessive cargo capacity and weak demand prompted trucking companies to cut positions despite stronger consumer spending.

Warehouse jobs, meanwhile, grew for at least the third consecutive month in May. Employment in the warehousing and storage sector increased by 3,000 compared to April and by 11,500 since February.

In addition, trucking executives aren't optimistic that the pattern will change anytime soon. The Journal reported that orders for long-haul trucks were down more than 30 percent compared to the totals from May 2015.

“Until consumers and businesses get out there and drive inventories down, we don’t see a reversal or improvement in the situation," ACT Research's Steve Tam told the paper.

Overall, the latest jobs report showed the country adding just 38,000 jobs last monthless than one-quarter the amount forecasted by economists.

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