5 Minutes With ID: Motion President Randy Breaux Talks KDG Acquisition

We discuss what led to the landmark $1.3 billion deal and how Motion plans to integrate Kaman Distribution Group going forward.

On December 16th, Birmingham, Alabama-based Motion — recently rebranded from Motion Industries — sent shockwaves across the industrial supply market when it announced plans to acquire fellow major distributor Kaman Distribution Group for $1.3 billion dollars. It was such big news that — even though there were only two weeks left in the 2021 at the time it was announced — it ended up as the second-most-viewed news item on our website for the ENTIRE year. The deal closed shortly after January 3rd.

KDG significantly boosts Motion’s concentration in core industrial products and services, as well as in its growing technical & automation arenas. With about 1,700 employees and over 50,000 customers, KDG is a leading power transmission, automation and fluid power industrial distributor and solutions provider. 

Motion was #3 on ID’s 2021 Big 50 List, while KDG was No. 18.

In this episode, Motion president Randy Breaux stops by to discuss how this blockbuster deal came about and what it means for Motion going forward.

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