5 Minutes with ID: White Cup on Why Intelligent Pricing is More Important Than Ever

We chat with White Cup's Brian Friedle on the role of intelligent pricing amid the supply chain chaos, and why more distributors haven't gotten involved.

Pricing challenges have long plagued industrial distributors, but the need for intelligent pricing strategies might be more critical now than ever. That’s because inflationary and supply chain pressures, along with increased operating costs, all play a role in eroding margin for industrial sellers.

Joining us today is Brian Friedle, VP of business development for White Cup, a leader in data-driven pricing software.

White Cup recently announced the addition of powerful pricing capabilities to the company’s Revenue Intelligence platform through a new partnership with epaCUBE, a provider of pricing, profitability and data management software specifically designed BY distributors FOR distributors.

White Cup Pricing provides the tools for intelligent pricing practices through data analysis that predicts the behavior of potential buyers to different pricing based on sales data, customer and product segmentation.

As a result, sales teams are empowered to sell the right product at the right price to the right customers, giving distributors a tremendous advantage in the challenging post-pandemic market. White Cup even says its tools can boost gross profits by 2 to 4 percent or more.

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