Q&A: Even Smaller Distributors Are Already Using AI

Real-time pricing isn't just for the industry's biggest sellers.

In the distribution industry, smaller companies have many advantages and some disadvantages as well. Sometimes the latter takes the form of tech challenges – big companies have many resources and big IT departments; conversely smaller companies must be more selective at identifying and evaluating the tech solutions that add the most value to their businesses. Luckily, these types of solutions abound; it’s just a matter of understanding where to start.

Joining me today are Nelson Valderrama and Jason Birch – the CEO and VP of Strategic Partnerships, respectively - at Intuilize. Together, they boast over 45 years of experience as technology-driven strategic leaders, focused on providing small and mid-size industrial distributors with data-driven pricing and inventory optimization solutions that help them thrive in the modern Digital Economy.

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