Experts Weigh In On the Biggest Opportunities for Distributors in 2024

In part one of this series, hear updated forecasts on the industrial economy, as well as a look at how distributors are responding.


Economists have cautioned distributors that business conditions in 2024 may represent a small window of opportunity: mild sluggishness will slow down the forecast just enough that distribution firms may have the time to invest in addressing operational challenges.

Whether these have to do with bottlenecks, data, e-commerce or talent, the impetus is clear: invest in solving your problems now before business picks up again at a rapid pace because, at that point, there won’t be time.

In this video series, we tap market experts for their input on how distributors can get ahead in 2024. We review the current state of the industrial economy, as well as top priorities, investment areas, and things to watch for as challenges materialize in the coming year and beyond.

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