5 Minutes With ID: Proton's Benj Cohen on AI's Evolving Role for Distributors

We all keep hearing about the benefits of artificial intelligence in production operations, but what about for distributors. We break that down here with Benj Cohen.

The role of artificial intelligence in business operations has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, as its applications can now be seen in every facet of the industrial supply chain, from product sourcing to customer data management to inventory management.

But despite all its potential benefits, AI’s adoption rate in this market depends upon distributors — who tend to lag when it comes to technology adoption — embracing it as a way to grow their business.

For this episode, I spoke with Benj Cohen, founder and CEO of Proton.ai, an AI-powered growth platform, purpose-built to increase revenue for distributors by helping sales reps and customers navigate the complexities of managing lots of products through multiple channels.

On January 18th, Proton announced that it closed $20 million in Series A funding, which will help it scale its AI solutions so that it can help distributors compete in the increasingly digital world.

Cohen and I discussed the role that AI has and can play for distributors today.

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