5 Minutes With ID: Milwaukee Tool’s Zach Richman on Developments in PPE

The company known for power tools has increasingly found a niche in driving innovation in PPE.

The pandemic has changed so many things for the industrial workforce including the way we work. And while there’s been a renewed interest in personal protective equipment, designers and manufacturers of PPE have long been busy, behind the scenes, tackling classic challenges like improving comfort and wearability.

One of them is Milwaukee Tool, the Wisconsin-based innovator of high quality power tools and personal equipment for nearly 100 years. And while the Milwaukee brand is quite well known for rugged power tools and battery technology, the company has increasingly found a niche in driving innovation in PPE product categories that haven’t traditionally been the target of innovation. The result has been scores of interesting updates in the past few years for gear like vests, gloves, hats, glasses and respirators.

So what’s next? Joining us today to talk about that is Zach Richman, Director of Product Marketing at Milwaukee Tool.

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