NSI Industries Founding Partner Victor Hawdon Dies

Hawdon was instrumental in the development of products, sales tools and packaging alternatives used across the electrical industry.

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HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. – NSI Industries LLC is sorry to announce that Victor Hawdon, former senior vice president and founding partner, passed away on May 6.

"Vic was unique in both his personal and professional life,” said Randall Parian, Hawdon's friend and the former president of NSI. “He coined the former NSI motto, 'NSI - Never Say Impossible,' which we strived to achieve on a daily basis.”

Hawdon was instrumental in developing many products, sales tools and packaging alternatives used across the electrical industry since the mid-1980s. He had a talent for identifying people outside of the industry, many of whom progressed to management positions and are still in the industry today. From NSI's beginnings in Charlotte, North Carolina, to the first Huntersville headquarters and warehouse he helped to design and build, Hawdon's antics amused absolutely everyone he worked with.

Whether at shows, conferences or traveling in his beloved southern sales territory, including Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, his wit and humor followed him; he will be missed by so many in the U.S. and Canada.

“Since NSI was founded, we have continued to grow and evolve based on Vic’s principles, work ethic, and determination as he was instrumental in both laying this company’s foundation as well as growing it for decades that helped make all of this possible,” said G. R. Schrotenboer, NSI CEO. “Vic’s legacy will continue on with NSI.”

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