Optimas Solutions Rolls Out New Fastener Market Managing Strategy

The distributor's new strategy is based on greater customer intimacy, service innovation, a new sourcing approach, advanced manufacturing and faster quote-to-order.


GLENVIEW, IL — Optimas Solutions, a global industrial distributor and service provider, is rolling out a renewed strategy for its Americas market that is designed to deliver against an unstable manufacturing landscape affected by COVID-19 and other regional disturbances that have impacted the fastener industry. That strategy focuses on delivering "Manufacturing Solutions" for customers looking to gain efficiencies from working with fewer, but better equipped partners for fastener acquisition, inventory management and other manufacturing consumables.

The Manufacturing Solutions strategy is earmarked by greater customer intimacy, service innovation, a new sourcing approach, and advanced manufacturing, and faster speed in quote to order. Architect of the strategy and leading this transformation is industry veteran, Marc Strandquist, president of the Americas for Optimas Solutions. Strandquist came on board early this year and quickly aligned his team to operate in unique business conditions and customer realities while positioning the company for growth.

"We've had to concurrently lead in this moment and get ahead of the curve by investing in our business to address fast changing conditions in our Americas marketplace," Strandquist said.  "In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out new offerings, based on feedback from our customers, in the wake of this evolving landscape. Optimas Solutions is an active, innovative, and vibrant partner offering stability and trust to customers. These traits are imperative to helping our customers through such challenging and uncertain times."

Optimas Solutions was No. 19 on Industrial Distribution's 2019 Big 50 List.

In support of the new strategy, the company will be making new offering announcements in manufacturing, manufacturing consumables, engineering services, e-commerce, and with its OptiTech and other technology-driven platforms. Strandquist points out that going forth Optimas Solutions wants to be recognized for its Manufacturing Solution--whether the application is for customer or supplier partners.  

According to Strandquist, recent feedback from Optimas customers shows they are concerned about supply chain disruptions, the stability of suppliers, lack of visibility in parts availability, and a greater need for standard and engineered parts, inventory management solutions, and quality services.

"Optimas Solutions is unique in the marketplace. While we are a distributor of industrial fasteners and component parts, we also have centrally located cold-form manufacturing to complement and exceed customer needs as a single source supplier," Strandquist said. "With an increased emphasis on the customer intimacy, technology-enabled solutions, and speed to market, we think this new strategy is going to deliver huge dividends for our audiences."

Important to the Manufacturing Solutions strategy is the strengthening of Optimas' supplier network. According to Strandquist, in addition to announcements that focus on meeting and supporting customer's needs, there is also pronounced emphasis on initiatives that enhance vendor relationships which are critical to the company's ability to provide stability and product availability at the most optimal cost. The company's renewed focus on supplier relationships is based on collaboration, transparency, and proactively smoothing the flow of parts to users.

"We'll be re-energizing existing offerings and rolling out new services in the coming months that will highlight how much customers are at the core of what we do," Strandquist emphasized. "We want customers to know us for Manufacturing Solutions that support their production, product quality and financial goals."

Optimas is a global industrial distributor and service provider specializing in fastening and supply chain solutions for manufacturers seeking to improve efficiency and profitability.

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