Circle Distributing Chooses Epicor Vision Automotive Aftermarket Parts Distribution Software

Circle Distributing has operated its warehouse and three stores using Epicor Prism™ software since 2000.


Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services organizations, announced Tuesday that Circle Distributing, an automotive replacement parts distributor based in Indianapolis, Ind., will implement the Epicor Vision™ automotive aftermarket parts distribution software. Since 2000, as a member of the ACDelco Dedicated Distribution Group (DDG), Motorcraft Ford Authorized Dealer (FAD) network, and National Pronto Association, Circle Distributing has operated its warehouse and three stores using Epicor Prism™ software.

"Epicor Prism has been an excellent tool for nearly 14 years, but we're ready to invest in a new solution that can help us become better and faster in everything we do," said Todd Cloud, co-owner and fixed operations manager at Circle Distributing. "Epicor Vision will give us greater control of our operations and has the capacity and flexibility to serve our needs for many years to come."

Epicor Vision is a powerful enterprise solution that includes world-class customer relationship management (CRM) tools, a centralized database, highly advanced price management and inventory capabilities, comprehensive "central services" functionality, integrated accounting, and other features that help drive sales, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The solution also includes a comprehensive "three-way match" feature that helps users quickly identify and reconcile discrepancies between purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, receivers, and vendor invoices.

"Every parts distributor is looking for new ways to improve their business," said Cloud. "We're doing that by adding more aftermarket product lines while making sure we have the right parts in the right quantities at each location. I'm looking forward to using the Vision software along with Epicor Compass™ analytics and Epicor Vista® market intelligence to increase our sales and inventory turns and reduce obsolescence to a minimum."

The company also plans to implement the Epicor Dispatch and Delivery Management System to enhance customer service levels while reducing delivery costs. "Our goal is to make sure every truck is full when it leaves our warehouse and to be certain we're selling as much on every stop as possible," Cloud said.

"Circle's management team researched a number of new solutions but were most impressed with the results achieved by the growing number of distributors who have switched to Epicor Vision," said Scott Thompson, vice president, automotive, retail distribution solutions for Epicor. "When distributors see this software in action, they recognize that it opens up almost countless opportunities to improve their operational efficiency and competitiveness."

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