Recruitment: A Two-Way Street

Recruitment has traditionally been a candidate trying to sell themselves to a prospective employer, as the best overall candidate and worthy of their selection.

Today, recruitment has become a much more competitive landscape. Top talent has choices and companies find themselves recruiting against competitors for the same candidate in the same market.

Thus, recruitment requires a concerted effort from both the candidate and the company. With the competitive landscape, companies need to build upon their brand and show candidates why they should make the decision to join their team. Companies need to be aggressive and point out their key virtues throughout each phase of the recruitment cycle and there are many opportunities to do so.

We recommend a company recruitment brochure and/or careers website that highlights your company's strengths. Take a minute to sound off and blow your horn and begin to sell the candidate on why they need to come to your organization. What makes your company a great place to work or a destination of choice? In addition, have a strong job spec and benefit sheet, all marketed with the same level of energy and imagery. Make sure your top candidates do not walk out of your building empty-handed. Give them something that will make a lasting impression as they will traditionally end up showing that document to someone of significance in their life that will assist them with the decision. To increase this branding process, GRN Coastal also creates “beauty sheets” which outline our clients' uniqueness and key attributes as we too want to be an extension of your team’s efforts.

Top talent has to visualize themselves working for your organization. Just as you are looking at chemistry and fit…so are they. Most candidates typically are not looking to change jobs. Therefore, the recruitment campaign has to be well-orchestrated. Interviews need to be crisp. The interview team needs to be prepared and the candidate needs to see the best your company has to offer. Just as the candidate needs to sell you on why they are worthy to be a part of your organization, your company needs to sell them on why they should join you also. Recruitment is a two-way street.

John Salvadore is a Managing Partner with GRN Coastal. This blog originally appeared on AD News here

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