Generation Growth Capital Launches American Consolidated Metals Platform

The new company added metal fabricators in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Federal Tool & Engineering, West Bend, Wis.
Federal Tool & Engineering, West Bend, Wis.
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MILWAUKEE — Generation Growth Capital Inc., a private equity firm specializing in lower middle market niche manufacturing and value-added distribution investments, on Thursday announced its newly formed metal manufacturing platform, American Consolidated Metals.

The establishment of American Consolidated Metals marks a significant milestone in GGC's ongoing mission to champion manufacturing excellence and invest in companies with significant growth potential. To launch and bolster the American Consolidated Metals platform, GGC has acquired three regional manufacturers:

  • Federal Tool & Engineering, headquartered in West Bend, Wisconsin, has established itself as a trusted leader in metal stamping, metal fabrication and manufacturing engineering for decades. The company's dedication to quality, precision and customer satisfaction has earned it a strong reputation and a loyal customer base in numerous industries, including power generation, food service and industrial, among others.

    "Generation Growth Capital was the perfect buyer for us after running a competitive sale process and speaking with numerous firms. They really understand manufacturing and could see the value in the company that we methodically have built over the past 18 years," said David Tomczek, owner of FTE. "We believe that with GGC's support and resources, they can accelerate our growth, invest in cutting-edge technology and deliver even greater value to our customers."

  • The second acquisition within GGC's American Consolidated Metals platform is BP Metals, a leading metal fabrication company based in Isanti, Minnesota. BP Metals has built a strong reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality sheet metal products. The company's commitment to investing in state-of-the-art metal fabrication and its track record of customer satisfaction has earned it a dedicated customer base and prominent presence in the region.

    "GGC emerged as the best buyer for my business," said Blake Pendzimas, owner of BP Metals. "I'm excited about the partnership with American Consolidated Metals going forward. The breadth of capabilities we now can offer our customers is a huge advantage for us. With our combined resources and equipment capabilities, we can deliver even greater value to our customers and accelerate our growth. We have already embarked on a building expansion to accommodate the growth."

  • The third strategic acquisition is Rockford Specialties, a metal fabrication company located in Rockford, Illinois. Rockford Specialties has built a strong reputation for its expertise in metal fabrication and wire forming over several decades. The company's unwavering commitment to quality, precision and customer satisfaction has solidified its position as a leader in numerous industries, including consumer, retail, furniture and automotive.

    "We see the vision that GGC has created with American Consolidated Metals," said Lisa Stankey, co-owner and president of Rockford Specialties. "As a testament to that, we are already bidding on projects together and cross-selling our combined capabilities. We are confident that the legacy that my family has built over the past several decades will continue forward."

The acquisitions will not result in immediate changes to the companies' day-to-day operations.

"Bringing Federal Tool & Engineering, BP Metals and Rockford Specialties under the banner of American Consolidated Metals is an exciting development for all of us," said John Reinke, managing director at GGC. "By focusing our investment on three manufacturers with broad capabilities and diverse customer bases, we are looking to build a collaborative platform that provides a one-stop solution for original equipment manufacturers looking to expand domestic supply. This strategic partnership should result in shared resources, equipment, and technology, resulting in improved efficiency and expanded capacity and market share."

GGC recently hired Igor Zelenovskiy to lead the American Consolidated Metals platform as its president.

"I am thrilled to be a part of ACM and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead," said Zelenovskiy, who has more than 20 years of experience as an executive for global manufacturers, including Tailored Label Products, Fisher Barton, Rexnord Corporation, Komatsu Mining and Rockwell Automation. "In an era of ever-changing geopolitical dynamics putting pressure on supply chains, at ACM we are not just expanding manufacturing capacity and capabilities, we're redefining our approach. By bringing manufacturing to our customers' doorsteps, we ensure uninterrupted product delivery and offer comprehensive engineering services. This strategic move is about more than meeting demand. It's about fortifying partnerships, navigating uncertainties and delivering excellence where it matters most -- at the heart of our customers' operations."

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