Aignep Acquires Alpha Technologies

The company also named the new chief executive of Aignep USA.

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Aignep s.p.a.

BIONE, Italy — Aignep s.p.a. last week announced the acquisition of the entirety of Alpha Technologies LLC.

Alpha, a subsidiary company, has successfully distributed Aignep products in the North American market for years. The acquisition aims to strengthen Aignep's presence in one of the most important markets for the industrial automation sector.

Furthermore, the acquisition will make it possible to provide its customers with increasingly complete, innovative and professional solutions.  

Aignep CEO Graziano Bugatti recently announced important investments in infrastructure and human resources during a visit to the company's U.S. headquarters in Fairview, Tennessee. Officials are awaiting the official change of the company's name to Aignep USA Inc. in the coming months.

In addition, Aignep announced David Grabacki as the new CEO of Aignep USA. Grabacki is already working on the new business plan, officials said.

Aignep said the announcements continue the company's internationalization process to consolidate its role as key supplier in the global manufacturing industry. 

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