Mayhew Tools Acquires BestWay Tools

Hand tool maker Mayhew expands its geographic reach and product portfolio by adding an Ormond Beach, FL supplier.


Mayhew Steel Products, known as Mayhew Tools, announced Friday that it has acquired Ormond Beach, FL-based BWT FLA, which does business as BestWay Tools.

BestWay, like Mayhew, is a supplier of hand tools made in the US. Mayhew said the acquisition will enable both companies to extend their product offerings into each other's markets, including automotive, hardware and industrial. "They will each continue to operate independently while capitalizing on mutual brand and sales opportunities and collective operational efficiencies," Mayhew said.

Established in 1856, Turner Falls, MA-based Mayhew Tools manufactures punches, chisels and pry bars, while BestWay Tools, founded in 1962, is known for their popular screwdriver and bits product lines.

“We welcome the BestWay Tools team and their customers to the Mayhew family and look forward to continuing to build upon the strong legacy they have established of delivering customers, both old and new, high-quality hand tools they have come to rely on for consistent use,” said John Lawless, President of Mayhew Tools. “Over the next several weeks, our team will have their feet on the street to meet with existing and prospective BestWay Tools customers in an effort to establish how we can continue to serve them with the highest quality products, now and into the future.”

Mayhew said that BestWay Tools’ operations will continue to run in a business-as-usual fashion from their Ormond Beach plant and that Mayhew Tools has already started to allocate team and financial resources to BestWay’s physical plant in an effort to leverage immediate opportunities and springboard growth.

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