Filtration Supplier Des-Case Acquires RMF Systems

Desiccant breathers and specialty filtration products supplier Des-Case, headquartered near Nashville, TN, has acquired the Netherlands-based RMF Systems segment from Doedijns Group International.

GOODLETTSVILLE, TN — Des-Case Corporation, a provider of desiccant breathers and specialty filtration products that improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life for companies around the world, has announced its acquisition of RMF Systems, an experienced specialist in desiccant breathers, filtration systems, analysis and monitoring solutions to maintain hydraulic oil and lubricant cleanliness.

With the addition of RMF, Des-Case will provide a broader range of solutions, greater customer convenience and deeper professional expertise. Des-Case holds the leading position in the North American breather market and also provides world-class filtration and transfer systems of all shapes and sizes, while RMF is a major player in the European filtration market with a particular focus on hydraulic solutions. Together, Des-Case and RMF will help companies make their equipment investments last longer through an extensive combined product line that will provide solutions of superior breadth and depth for any contamination problem.

“The relationship with RMF Systems represents an opportunity to establish Des-Case as a market leader in Europe, and significantly strengthens our global presence,” said Brian Gleason, President and CEO of Des-Case Corporation. “We look forward to combining our respective strengths, decades of experience and business relationships to further serve and maximize value for a broader range of customers with industry-leading, solution-based products.”

With a degree in Marine Engineering, Gerben Gerken, Managing Director of RMF Systems, is recognized as a leading authority in the field of oil management. Gerben stated, “With our enhanced global presence and complementary range of oil filtration and analysis solutions, I am sure we will be able to accelerate growth and continue to invest in product innovations to maintain our position at the leading edge of filtration technology.”

Gerben and his team have been welcomed into the Des-Case family and their local operations facility will remain in The Netherlands.

RMF Systems is an experienced specialist in the field of solutions for filtration, analysis and monitoring of hydraulic oil and lubricants. The company is at the forefront of the development of products in the field of filtration solutions and analysis equipment. RMF Systems offers a complete range of desiccant breathers, filter elements, filter systems and analysis & monitoring equipment under the brand name RMF Systems.

Headquartered near Nashville, TN, Des-Case Corporation manufactures specialty filtration products for industrial lubricants. Founded in 1983, the company markets a broad array of products designed to help companies make equipment investments last longer. Des-Case has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, both directly and through partners. Its trademarked and patented solutions are marketed through an extensive distribution network, private label distributors, and OEM partners.

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