Siemens to Allow 140K Employees to Permanently Work Remotely

The manufacturing conglomerate will allow more than one-third of its workforce to away from the office two or three days per week.

Siemens' headquarters office in Munich, Germany.
Siemens' headquarters office in Munich, Germany.

BERLIN (AP) — Industrial conglomerate Siemens says it plans to allow more than 100,000 of its employees to work away from the office for two or three days a week on a permanent basis.

The Munich-based company said Thursday the coronavirus crisis has “shown that working independently of a fixed location offers many advantages and is possible on a much wider scale than originally thought.” It said that surveys of Siemens employees worldwide had shown a desire for greater flexibility.

The new arrangement applies to more than 140,000 employees at over 125 locations in 43 countries and takes effect immediately, Siemens added.

The company said its “mobile working” concept doesn't necessarily mean working from home. It said that employees should, in consultation with supervisors, “choose the work locations where they’re most productive.” That could include coworking spaces, for example.

Siemens said that the new approach will be tailored to local legal requirements, the demands of specific jobs and individual preferences.