Hisco Appoints Four New Vice Presidents

Hisco appointed four new vice-presidents, three branch managers and one HR manager: Cindy Saigling, branch manager, Dallas; Richard French, branch manager, San Diego; Monte Schlaht, branch manager, Tempe; and Priscilla Everett, Human Resources Manager, Hisco Corporate.

Houston, TX - Hisco announces the appointment of four new vice-presidents: Cindy Saigling, branch manager, Dallas; Richard French, branch manager, San Diego; Monte Schlaht, branch manager, Tempe; and Priscilla Everett, Human Resources Manager, Hisco Corporate.

Cindy Saigling started working for Hisco during college and joined full-time in 1980. Since then she has “had a taste of a little bit of everything” including inside sales, operations manager, outside sales and the last six years as branch manager. Her take on why the Dallas branch is so successful: “We really concentrate on our top lines instead of trying to be everything to everybody.” Hers was one of the first Hisco branches to put in an onsite vending system for customer inventory management; they now have many inventory management programs under way. “It makes a huge difference for customers and helps them reduce their vendor base. Within six months, they really realize the value,” she said.

Richard French joined Hisco as a customer service rep for the Little Rock, AR, branch in 1987. A few years later he headed west to Anaheim, working in outside sales. In 1994, Richard was part of the team that opened the San Diego branch; he has been branch manager since 2008. “Hisco’s entry into Mexico in the late 90’s had an enormous impact. The ability to service our customers from both sides of the border gave us an instant competitive advantage,” said French. He has seen a lot of changes over the years:  “When I started, we were going from hand-written cards to computers. Now our people have multiple screens. Our customers are demanding information in minutes, not hours, days or weeks. And today, our customers ― and the products we supply them ― come from all over the world. As a result, logistics are more complicated and the solid distribution that Hisco provides has become an extremely important part of our customers’ supply chain.

Monte Schlaht’s 20-year career with Hisco has taken him from warehousing, customer service, outside sales and then branch manager in Tempe for the last five. “I still have the drive and desire to do sales and handle some of the big accounts,” he says and he has a long history of going the extra mile for his customers. The Tempe branch handles a lot of the electronics distribution products Hisco is known for, and they also do extensive business in value-added converted products. They have significant expertise in aerospace and a focus on vendor-managed inventory accounts using vending.

Priscilla Everett has been promoted to Vice-President of Human Resources.  In her new role, Priscilla will be responsible for helping Hisco attain the next level of competitive advantage through the expansion and improvement of human capital processes. She will assist the management team in job alignment, performance management, and maximizing employee capabilities and career potential. With over 35 years of HR experience ― the last 12 with Hisco as Human Resources Manager ― Priscilla recently received her Master’s Degree in Education, Administration & Supervision; graduating with honors, Sigma Alpha Phi, from the University of Houston. She is an active founding member of the local HR Vistage Executive Leadership Group; a long-term member of the National Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and a lifetime certified Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) through SHRM; as well as an active participant in the National Society of Leadership & Success. 

“At Hisco, vice-presidents are determined based on industry experience, a proven record of success, and leadership that serves the greater good of all Hisco employees,” said Bob Dill, president of Hisco. “Cindy, Richard, Monte and Priscilla demonstrate all these qualities and their nominations were unanimously supported by our Board of Directors.”