5 Minutes With ID: The Pandemic's Impact on Cloud ERP Use, Adoption

ID chats with Epicor's Sally Reitan about if the pandemic has accelerated distributors' rate of Cloud ERP adoption or altered how they use it.

With B2B distributors notoriously slow, as a whole, to adopt technologies into their operations, it often takes a crisis or major market disruption to spur them into action.

ERP software is a great example. It’s the backbone of operations for many distributors, and the many tools that modern ERP systems offer β€” especially now via the cloud β€” can be critical when navigating times of disruption. Yet despite these benefits, our survey data over the years has shown only incremental improvements in the rate of adoption among our distributor audience.

In this episode, I speak with Sally Reitan, director of product marketing for distribution and building supply at Epicor Software, about how distributors might utilize ERP differently going forward compared to early 2020, and if the rate of adoption for modern ERP has accelerated amid the pandemic.

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