IBC Launches New Online University

IBC University provides independent distributors within IBC’s buying group access to high quality, online education and training that is available 24/7.

East Granby, CT – IBC has partnered with BlueVolt, a leading provider of online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the manufacturing, construction, and service industries, to launch its new online product training platform: IBC University

IBC University provides independent distributors within IBC’s buying group access to high quality, online education and training that is available 24/7. Online courses are developed and submitted by IBC Preferred Suppliers and consist of multi-media learning modules that cover topics such as: strategies for improving product sales, tips for identifying new market opportunities and guides for product applications and installation. 

IBC University provides significant benefits for both IBC Independent Distributors and Preferred Suppliers: 

One of the distinctive features of the BlueVolt platform is its incentive program. BlueVolt is the only learning management system in the industry that offers participants built-in incentives for completing online training. BlueVolt’s unique pay-for-performance reward system, allows distributors to earn $BlueBucks for completed coursework that they can redeem, dollar-for-dollar, toward electronic gift cards at retailers such as Chili’s, REI, Nike, and hundreds more.
“IBC University delivers an exciting new sales, marketing and training tool for our Independent Distributors and Preferred Suppliers,” said Ron Nuñez, President & COO, IBC. “The platform provides a dynamic channel through which our Preferred Suppliers can increase their visibility, grow sales and track engagement with Independent Distributors. Moreover, the University provides IBC distributors with an opportunity to tap into free, 24/7 product training that is designed specifically to help increase product knowledge and drive sales.” To ensure that IBC University meets high standards of online learning and distributor engagement, IBC has developed criteria for all online courses that are submitted to IBC University for consideration. “These criteria help ensure that each of the learning modules in IBC University go beyond product features and benefits,” added Nuñez. “Our goal is to help IBC distributors gain valuable product and market insights that help identify new opportunities to grow their business with end user customers.”

The launch of IBC University is part of IBC’s ongoing commitment to develop innovative and effective tools for driving Preferred Supplier sales within its buying group network. By partnering with BlueVolt, IBC is leveraging the expertise and experience of the industry leader in online education. BlueVolt’s online training platform has already been recognized by Preferred Suppliers as a valuable tool for increasing sales. “Since 2013, JPW Industries (formerly Walter Meier) has been engaged with online training through BlueVolt.com,” said Terri Eshleman, Manager of Group Distribution for JPW Industries. “Our investment in online training has been invaluable. Distributors are more likely to recommend what they know – and BlueVolt.com does a great job getting the message and incentives in front of this important audience.” Likewise, distributors also see the benefit of having access to free, online training that is available to staff anytime, anywhere.

IBC University launched on June 12th with an informational webinar to orient existing Preferred Suppliers to the platform, followed by an IBC Independent Distributor webinar on June 19th. Both webinars are archived and available for current and prospective distributors and suppliers to view. If you are interested in learning more about IBC University, please contact Carrie DeFelice, IBC Project Manager, at (860)-246-1618 x126 or via email at cdefelice@industrialbuyers.com.

IBC is one of North America’s leading alliances of industrial, bearing & power transmission, electrical, and subassembly distributors with over 550 branch locations and total sales in excess of $6.64 billion. The organization provides multi-location customers a streamlined, cost-effective, dynamic purchasing source for national and regional contracts. IBC provides its Independent Distributors and Preferred Suppliers the tools, resources and market access needed to thrive in today's competitive marketplace, including a unique collaboration forum. IBC is a Hispanic Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

For more information about IBC, please call (888) 509-5609 or visit www.industrialbuyers.com. For more information about BlueVolt visit http://www.bluevolt.com/.

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