Cembre Endorses NEMRA Standards

The company called the move part of its commitment to independent manufacturer representatives.

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CARMEL, Ind. โ€” Cembre, has endorsed the NEMRA POS/POT Minimum Recommended Standards as part of its commitment to its independent manufacturer representatives.

Cembre, known for its identification and labeling systems, tooling and equipment for crimping connectors and preparing conductors, and its cable glands, prides itself on being responsive to its distributors and agency network. 

Said Desiree Grace, President, Americas, Cembre, Inc., โ€œI, and Cembre, endorse the NEMRA Point of Sales Standards. It is critical that we have accurate sell-to and ship-to data so we can pay our rep agents accurately and fairly. They work hard on our behalf, and the POS data helps us compensate them properly," said Desiree Grace, the president of Cembre Americas. "Having been in the electrical industry for many years, independent manufacturer representatives are an important element of the channel and, as a manufacturer, are critical to our success. They connect us to our distributors and to the end-user market. POS information helps us ensure they are compensated for their efforts.โ€

โ€œOn behalf of Cembreโ€™s NEMRA representatives, we appreciate their endorsement and commitment to the standards and to seeing that their reps are properly compensated for their sales efforts at endorsing distributors," said NEMRA President Jim Johnson. "The NEMRA POS minimum standards helps ensure a level of information consistency that is important for manufacturers, can streamline processes for manufacturer and distributors and can ensure appropriate compensation is shared with the appropriate rep.โ€

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