August Manufacturing Technology Orders Up Slightly

The total is up from July but down year-over-year to August 2013.

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August U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $356.69 million according to AMT — The Association For Manufacturing Technology. This total, as reported by companies participating in the USMTO program, was up 0.4 percent from July but down 6.0 percent when compared with the total of $379.26 million reported for August 2013. With a year-to-date total of $3,076.98 million, 2014 is down 2.4 percent compared with 2013.

These numbers and all data in this report are based on the totals of actual data reported by companies participating in the USMTO program.

“U.S. manufacturing activity remains at a brisk pace, and especially encouraging for manufacturing technology orders was a recent uptick in durable goods orders, particularly in aerospace, automotive, and several other key industries,” said Douglas K. Woods, President, AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology. “There has also been good news in factory employment as more manufacturers add workers to their payrolls. With AMT’s Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference taking place this week in Detroit featuring some of the top industry analysts and economists, we believe we will be hearing more positive news from their forecasts for the manufacturing technology industry over the next few years.”

The United States Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) report, compiled by the trade association representing the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, provides regional and national U.S. orders data of domestic and imported machine tools and related equipment. Analysis of manufacturing technology orders provides a reliable leading economic indicator as manufacturing industries invest in capital metalworking equipment to increase capacity and improve productivity. 

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