Barcoding Inc. Helps Canton Port Services Set Sail for Data Collection Efficiencies

Canton, a systems integrator, implements a barcode scanning solution to replace the Baltimore terminal’s manual data collection processes in receiving, load out, and customs clearing operations.

BALTIMORE— Barcoding, Inc., an enterprise-wide mobility solutions provider, has helped Canton Port Services, LLC, set sail for new accuracies and efficiencies by implementing a customized barcode scanning solution that eliminates manual processes in receiving, load out, and customs clearing operations. Canton Port Services is a unique private terminal in the Baltimore Harbor that offers a full menu of services, including handling, storing, and rail loading and unloading.

Turning to Barcoding, Canton Port Services sought a solution that would eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry in the receiving and load-out processes while also preventing potentially costly mistakes in customs clearing. To meet Canton Port Services’ needs, Barcoding implemented a barcode scanning system, consisting of mobile computers, printers, barcode labels, and a customized web-based application developed with its CaptureSoft Xpress platform. Barcoding then integrated the software with Canton Port Services’ partner’s booking system to update inventory in real time as vehicles are scanned.

With Barcoding’s solution, Canton Port Services has experienced the following results:

  • Increased data accuracy and integrity in its receiving, load out, and customs clearing processes.
  • Decreased receiving time per unit from 10 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • Reduced risks associated with inaccuracies in customs clearing.
  • Strengthened relationship with partner cargo line company.

“Our goal was to streamline our operations through three major processes — receiving, customs clearing, and ship load out,” said Rex Wheeler, president, Canton Port Services, LLC. “Barcoding and its team were able to deliver a complete solution that did just that. From its customized software application, to the integration with our partner’s system, to hardware procurement, Barcoding was a great partner in helping us gain new efficiencies and accuracies.”

Shane Snyder, president, Barcoding, Inc., said, “Eliminating manual data entry in day-to-day operations is a quick, yet viable way for companies to realize additional areas of cost savings through greater efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity. While barcode scanning is just one solution for automating data capture, Canton Port Services demonstrated the technology’s effectiveness and has experienced some significant results. We are looking forward to continue working with Canton Port Services to uncover even more ways that mobile data capture technology can assist in its overall business.”

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