Product Focus: Reeling in Safety

Eliminating trip hazards and wear-and-tear through reel solutions.

Application-specific reels are a simple solution that can make a big impact on a plant floor or jobsite. Any facility that wants to cut down on purchasing new hoses on a regular basis or work to eliminate accidents that involve tripping should take a step back and evaluate how well they are containing their hoses and cables.

This need for evaluation can become an opportunity for the distributor to educate the end user and, of course, to sell more reels.

The Right Reel for the Job

“Distributors should look for a reel designed for their specific application,” says Mark Saker, sales manager at Hannay Reels. “For example, a reel used for water transfer would have different properties than one used for fuel transfer.” Working with a manufacturer that offers a broad selection of reel types will enable a distributor to provide the product that their customer needs for the long haul.

Hannay now offers the option to purchase a reel and hose package. “When our custom-designed reel arrives, it already has the appropriate hose for the application,” says Saker.

Besides looking for a manufacturer that offers a large variety, distributors should be looking to work with one known for the quality and features of the reels, not just the price. “Instead of being focused on price, the main concern should be how well this product will hold up to the job at hand,” says Florent Antonetti, Marketing Manager for Coxreels. “By focusing on features and solution based products, the salesperson gets to sell the value, not the price,” he adds.

Distributors should seek to work with reel manufacturers offering innovative features and up-to-date technology as well. In a category that doesn’t experience volatile technology updates every year, it is easy to let updates fall off the radar, and distributors should revisit their offerings each year to make sure they are staying current with the trends in the reel industry.

Purchasing Safety

“The great trends in the current market are safety and maintenance,” says Antonetti. “The proper use and application of reels make the workplace cleaner, neater, and safer.”

Reels are falling in line with most other industrial segments where products are becoming more and more safety conscious and ergonomically designed. If distributors can help manufacturing facilities reduce injuries and help eliminate lost time due to accidents – and all by just replacing or upgrading their reels – it can add up to a big value for the manufacturer.  

“In high-traffic areas, a wall-mounted hose reel will help keep the hoses off the floor and will reduce trip hazards,” says Hannay’s Saker.

Not only is safety a concern in this segment, but the overall wear-and-tear of the hoses themselves when they are not properly stored. “Distributors should promote use of reels wherever there are hoses: a reel saves wear and tear on the hose and also increases safety by keeping the hose off the floor,” notes Saker.

Distributors that encourage manufacturers to adopt more reels for their facility should document hose usage for that manufacturer and help them to see the overall cost savings of the endeavor. This can establish the distributor as a partner and not just a product supplier, and perhaps win over more product line purchases from that manufacturer.

These documented cost savings at one facility can then be turned into a case study to present to future prospects, encouraging them to reevaluate their reel usage as well, and adding another loyal customer to the distributor’s roster.

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