Sonepar Announces Record 2022 Results

The posted sales worth more than $35 billion.

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PARIS — 2022 will be remembered as the best year in Sonepar’s history.

We delivered best-in-class performance in our industry. The group broke a new record with sales of 32.4 billion euros, +28% compared to 2021, and 18.5% autonomous growth.

Sonepar won market share in most of the countries in which we operate, completed 20 acquisitions and welcomed 2,100 new associates into the Sonepar family: a warm welcome to all of them.

2022 will also be remembered as a year of acceleration in terms of Sonepar’s transformation as we entered the new “Leverage” phase. Sonepar is investing over 2 billion euros to have the world’s best automated supply chain in our industry and a further 1 billion euros in our global digital platform all whilst reducing our CO2 emissions and waste to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

We are modernizing our supply chain and deploying the first omnichannel platform in the distribution industry, called Spark. We made significant progress in both fields with the first automated central distribution centers opening in the USA at Cooper Electric and North Coast and the launch of Spark in Belgium, France, Italy and Norway.

Our people are what makes our business so unique. In 2022, 88% of associates affirmed they are proud of what Sonepar does. We continued to attract new talents in supply chain, in digital and many other areas to support our ambition transformation. Sonepar’s goal is to build an inclusive organization leveraging all our differences as strengths to power sustainable performance. In 2022, the Sonepar Group received the Gender Equality European & International Standard label (GEEIS).

Finally, we accelerated our sustainability agenda in 2022. Sonepar launched its Green Offer to allow customers to purchase products based on a sustainability rating, enabling them to lower the building industry carbon footprint. We are also proud to have our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

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