Eaton Q1 Hydraulics Sales Down 17 Percent Year-Over-Year

The company had sizable declines in both total sales and profit, while its hydraulics segment saw organic sales dive 14 percent from a year earlier.

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Eaton Corp. reported its 2016 first quarter fiscal results on Friday, led by sizable year-over-year decreases in sales and profit.

The company posted Q1 total sales of $4.8 billion, down 8 percent year-over-year, while profit fell 13 percent to $404 million.

Eaton's electrical products had Q1 sales of $1.7 billion, down 1 percent from a year earlier, while sales of electrical systems and services decreased 7 percent to $1.3 billion, with organic sales down 5 percent.

Eaton's industrial and commodity segments continued to slump during Q1. Hydraulics sales of $551 million were down 17 percent with organic sales down 14 percent, aerospace sales of $445 million dipped 4 percent (organic down 3 percent) and vehicle sales of $795 million were down 17 percent (organic down 13 percent).

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