Amazon Business Launches Bulk Order Quote Feature, App Hub

The e-commerce giant said it its "App Center" offers a "one-stop shop" for B2B customers.

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Amazon on Thursday announced a new suite of tech features for its Amazon Business service, including an “integrated quoting” system and a “one-stop” app hub for a range of business solutions.

The quoting tool, in particular, is aimed at business-to-business customers buying in bulk: purchases of more than 1,000 items or orders in excess of $10,000 overall. Users can receive custom quotes for Amazon Business as well as third-party e-procurement and sourcing platforms; quotes are then centralized to allow for easier cost analysis and bid selection.

Other new features include a tool to sync users and data across Amazon Business accounts, as well as an app center that will serve as a “one-stop shop” for more than 25 applications, comprising shopping, analytics and management functions.

Amazon Business also highlighted new capabilities in its budget management and guided buying tools; the latter will now provide a toolbar for customers to establish approval processes or select sustainability-certified products.

“We don't just react to the biggest challenges our customers have shared with us,” Amazon Business Worldwide Vice President Shelley Salomon said in a statement. “We get ahead of them with new technologies so our customers can use their resources to navigate the unexpected and continue expanding their business.”

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