Here's What ID Readers Are Saying About Amazon Business


It'd be an understatement to say that we post a lot of Amazon Business-related content here on Industrial Distribution. Our readership dictates that we should, given the strong readership analytics that any comes out of any quality content item involving the B2B e-commerce giant.

Whether it's a news item regarding Amazon Business' latest expansion or update, a blog discussing potential impacts or a video or infographic providing a facts & figures look at the company, ID readers are certainly paying close attention to what Amazon Business is doing.

So what are ID readers actually saying about Amazon Business? Here's a roundup of comments made on content items posted either here on the ID website or on one of our social media platforms.

Content Item: 'Video: How Amazon Plans To Conquer Industrial B2B'

Date Posted: Oct. 19, 2017
Abstract: Amazon Business hit the one-million customer mark only a few years into its existence, which should send shivers down the spine of industrial suppliers like Grainger. Bloomberg Gadfly explains the uphill climb facing business-to-business suppliers not named Amazon.

Comments: This piece received a handful of interesting comments on LinkedIn.

  • Joe Sheddon - Branch Manager at WESCO Distribution: "Amazon has to be keeping a lot of CEO’s up at night."
  • Mark Pittman - Co-Owner at MPSquared, LLC: "Just a matter of time. Industrial distribution CEO's just now thinking about this competitor in the industrial marketplace are way behind. Manufacturers are already leaning toward this method of distribution."
  • Simon Tagget - Business Development Manager at MSC Industrial Supply Co. UK: "In straightforward box shifting Amazon will take business from the likes of RS, MSC, Cromwell etc., but for customers that require technical support not so sure Amazon can compete with a distributor that has a skilled and qualified sales force.Most UK distributors offer the same value sale, vending, store management, etc. The sales teams all operate the same way and the offer is very similar. Time for distribution to try and operate differently to counteract the Amazon threat."
  • Charlie McVay - IFPS Connector and Conductor Specialist: "Wow this is big, the big three industrial suppliers are gonna have problems competing with Amazon and their e-commerce platform β€” they are the experts. Amazon is the place that most MRO’s will purchase non-technical supplies from."
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