Security Breach: Because Hackers Are Working Harder

Ransomware amounts are escalating, malware attacks are growing and recovery times are getting longer. But solutions are on the way.

The numbers continue to roll in, and they’re not getting better … yet.

Ransomware attack payouts continue to grow, with the average topping out at $4.5 million in 2022. Similarly, malware attacks continue to escalate and response times, due to smarter phishing schemes and harder-to-detect dormant infiltrations, are taking companies more than nine months to detect and another three months to contain. 

This is resulting lost data with immeasurable value, lost business opportunities worth over $1.5 million, and additional costs associated with controlling the data breach reaching upwards of $5 million per attack.

These are all stats sourced from IBM’s recent Data Breach Costs report.

However, there are solutions being developed for the industrial marketplace. And joining us today to discuss some of them is Erik Gross, Redzone’s VP of Security & Application Support. Redzone is a leading provider of remote operations software and data storage and security. For more information on the work Redzone does, you can go to

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