Long Valley, NJ - Frazier Industrial Company introduces their latest storage innovation, the Ergo-Label Beam. The Ergo-Label Beam is the blended, engineered design of two popular Frazier order picking solutions.  Developed in response to customer needs for more efficient, cost effective order picking alternatives, the Ergo-Label Beam combines the comfortable, ergonomic order selection of the Ergo Beam® with the abuse resistance and barcode label protection inherent in Frazier's structural Label Beam®. The Ergo-Label Beam is made from 4" structural steel channel with 1/8" recessed web for optimal durability. Standard pallet supports are used for both standard Ergo Beam and Ergo-Label Beam options. Features & specifications include:

  • 4" Structural Steel Beams
  • 2-Year Warranty against forklift damage
  • Adjustability on 2” centers
  • Ideal for 1st and 2nd level order picking applications
  • Creates easy access to rear carton location
  • Prevent work injury and product breakage
  • Label Beam 1/8" Recessed Web
  • Prevents barcode label and pallet support bolt damage
  • Saves downtime and label replacement costs
  • No loss of capacity due to indentation

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