Star SU Named Exclusive Representative for Louis BĂ©let in North America

The agreement bolsters the strategic partnership formed early last year.

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FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Star SU, the marketing, sales and service affiliate of Star Cutter Company, announced that it has become the exclusive representative of Louis Bélet SA precision cutting tools in North America, further enhancing the strategic partnership between the companies originally established in early 2022.

The relationship has proven to enable both companies to extend their product offering and bolster their capability into new applications.

“In our partnership with Louis Bélet, we have recognized how complementary the Swiss technology is to our current gear cutting and round tools technology offering,” said Andreas Blind, president, Star SU LLC. “With a strong background in Swiss machining and the medical industry, we can further solve our customers’ greatest machining challenges.”

Switzerland-based Louis Bélet is recognized for its high-precision drills, end mills, thread and gear cutting tools — including hobs or skiving tools for medical, aerospace, automotive and watchmaking. Its portfolio expands the dimensional scope of the product line offered through Star SU, including micro tools as small as 0.05 millimeters and specials down to 0.02 millimeters for Swiss style machining, as well as extended offerings in the area of fine pitch gear cutting tools. Additionally, Louis Bélet’s expertise in aluminum, stainless, brass and high-temperature alloys will further enhance Star SU’s solutions for the medical, aerospace and general machining markets.

A significant benefit of this relationship is the fact that Louis Bélet can rely upon the Star Cutter family of companies’ expertise in the gear and round tool market, based upon years of experience in providing effective engineered solutions and application assistance to its customers across a variety of industries.

Star SU has recently expanded it sales network across North America, enhancing its customer support and representation of the Star Cutter and Louis Belet products. Star SU represents a wide variety of machinery, precision cutting tools, and services including vertical gear hobbing machines and chamfering and deburring machines; gear hobs and milling cutters; gear Scudding and power skiving tools, gear shaper cutters and shaving tools; chamfer and deburring tools; gundrills and reamers; form tools; face mills and boring tools; advanced tool coatings; and tool life cycle management services.

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