MRC Global Issues 2023 ESG Report

The distributor has developed its first full greenhouse gas inventory management plan.

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HOUSTON — MRC Global Inc., a leading global distributor of pipe, valves, fittings and infrastructure products and services to diversified energy, industrial and gas utilities end-markets, published its 2023 Environmental, Social Responsibility & Corporate Governance Report on

The 2023 ESG Report describes MRC Global’s strategic efforts to:

  • Advance the Energy Transition
  • Minimize Greenhouse Gases (“GHG”) and Reduce Pollution
  • Reduce its Carbon Footprint
  • Maintain a Safe Workplace
  • Develop a Diverse Workforce and Inclusive Workplace
  • Govern ESG Risks and Opportunities

“Aligning our emissions reporting with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (“GHG Protocol”) and disclosing our alignment with the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosure (“TCFD”) are milestone accomplishments for our company. We are proud of the progress we have made and understand it is a continual effort to improve our carbon footprint for the benefit of our customers and other stakeholders. We are committed to operating sustainably, ethically, and efficiently and our 2023 ESG Report outlines how we are doing this,” said Rob Saltiel, President & CEO.

Highlights of the 2023 ESG Report include:

  • Establishing a new position on the Executive Leadership Team, Senior Vice President - Sustainability
  • Developing first full GHG inventory and inventory management plan, consistent with GHG Protocol, for Scope 1 & 2 emissions
  • Supplying critical projects and services to several Energy Transition projects globally
  • Outlining alignment with TCFD
  • Reducing the number of recordable injuries to team members by 29%, even as working hours increased
  • Enhancing supplier diversity efforts with a dedicated team member
  • The full report is available online at under ESG.
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