Are Shipping Containers The Future Of Construction?

Shipping containers are being used as a constructive alternative for homebuilders. The chief executive of SG Blocks, says the days for traditional homebuilders are numbered.

Id 36575 Shipping Container

CNBC’s short video takes a look at SG Blocks, a U.S. company that turns recycled shipping containers, primarily from China, into new structures. These structures can function as restaurants and cafes, gyms, stores, homes, and more.

U.S. manufacturing and exporting has decreased in recent years, and according to Paul Galvin, chief executive of SG Blocks, the shipping containers piling up symbolizes this “failure” to manufacture. He says shipping container construction takes that symbol of failure and rebrands it as a new type of manufacturing. Galvin believes that the days are numbered for traditional construction.

What the video below to see how it works.

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