DGI Supply Launches New E-Commerce Site

DGI Supply is pleased to announce the launch of their new E-Commerce website.

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DGI Supply has announced the launch of its new e-commerce website — www.dgisupply.com for U.S. customers, and www.dgisupply.ca for Canadian customers. DGI Supply’s new website features improved navigation, a more robust search engine, and over 100,000 in stock products for immediate shipment. DGISupply.com also includes a fully integrated sourcing module (SourceIT) that allows customers to request quotes and place orders on special or hard to find products online. The new DGI Supply website is also capable of digitizing the purchasing process through its multi-layer approval method that can be activated with order or monthly budget limits for any or all of a customer’s “approved users”.

According to Bill Henricks, DGI Supply’s COO, “Our site was designed to not only help customers quickly and easily find the products that they are looking for, but it also showcases our manufacturing partner product quality.”

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